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70 Years serving the Island

It all started as a small firm, which operated from the back yard of Sunwin, St Peter, Mr Mauger’s residence. A joinery shop was built in the back yard, employing 5-6 joiners, which kept in operation until the firm moved to new premises in Rue Fondon in the 1970’s with just 20 employees.

Now over 70 years later AC Mauger is a cornerstone of the Jersey construction industry, working across all building sectors and serving the local community. Employing over 200 staff.

The Begining

Originally known as Mauger & Treussard commenced trading.

The Reform

The company reformed as AC Mauger & Son Ltd – founder members being Mr A C Mauger and Mr Eric Mauger.

Randals bottling hall

AC Mauger & Son built a new bottling hall at Randalls Brewery, followed by Oaklands Hotel and The Royal St Martin.


Construction of the New Mediterranean Nightclub, bar, restaurant and staff quarters in a 14 week contract.

Moving home and some iconic projects

Moved premises from Mr A C Mauger’s back yard at Sunwin, St Peter to Rue Fondon, St Peter. AC Mauger also built many iconic buildings in Jersey including The Jersey Pottery, Ann Street flats, Philip le Feuvre House, Clos Rivage Gorey, Links Court flats and Cyril le Marquand House.

Joins the Style Group

The Style Group acquired AC Mauger & Son Ltd and by this date employed 130 men. AC Mauger also completed projects including: Jersey Museum, Jersey Hospital, Gouray Lodge, Summerville House and the Mayfair Hotel.

Joins the Style Group

AC Mauger continues to grow and completes some great projects including: St Ewolds Nursing Home, Victor Hugo, Nurses’ Home, Gloucester Street, Orchid Court and Clos de Mont Sejour.

Projects, projects, projects

During the 2000’s AC Mauger worked on some masive projects including: La Collette Bus Depot, Rockhampton, La Folie Estate, Grainville School, Magnolia Hotel, La Coie, The Boat House and The Oyster Box.


AC Mauger has over 70 Years experience serving the island and building great relationships. AC Mauger has also recently completed the following projects: Airport Control Tower, Lakeside Care Home, Trinity School and Jacksons.

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