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Solar Control Glazing

Solar control glass for sliding and folding doors.

For any windows and doors in direct sunlight and especially for our frameless glass rooms and structures, solar control glazing provides an option to reflect and absorb heat.

As modern home improvement products now use more glass and thinner frames, interior comfort and sun protection is a consideration. Solar control glass provides an option for regulating the internal temperature, protecting furnishings and fabrics and even reducing the use of air-conditioning.

Solar control glazing works by reducing solar gain and glare. Solar control glass is especially useful in south facing elevations and comes with options for self-cleaning as well as toughened or laminated glass for security and safety.

Not only does solar control glass manage reflectance, transmittance and absorbance, but it also offers some acoustic properties too.

Features of Solar Control Glass

  • Blocks around 50% of heat subject to glass type and location, providing a more comfortable interior
  • Also retains the heat in your rooms in winter with up to 60% of the heat staying indoors
  • Extra security thanks to laminated glass layers.  As well as providing solar control, laminated glass holds together in the event of breakage

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