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Types of Glazing

Quality glass for clarity, security and energy efficiency.

At Style Windows, every one of our windows and doors comes with high quality glass. We carefully choose our glass suppliers, ensuring your new windows and doors give you the best in clarity, energy efficiency, longevity and security.

We use the same high specification glass in our aluminium, uPVC and timber frames.

With glass being the principal material in any window, security and energy efficiency are essential.  Our glass enhances your home and helps to lower your energy bills.

With low-emissivity soft coated panes designed to keep heat in your home, the glass unit edges come with “warm edge” spacers, further enhancing the overall glass unit performance. Argon gas between the panels helps with the low U-Values and completes the make-up of your glass.

Features of glass units in new windows and doors.

  • Enhances security of your home thanks to either laminate or toughened finishes, which can comply with Secure by Design standards.
  • Using the latest warm edge spacer bars and argon gas, provides you with a warmer home and lower energy bills.
  • A range of solar control glass and anti-sun tints ideal for properties exposed to all-day sunshine.
  • Peace of mind guarantee against unit failure, misting and general defects.

Acoustic Glazing

Standard double glazing offers substantial improvements over single glass in old windows. However, only acoustic glass is designed to reduce sound in your home effectively.

Double Glazing

We primarily supply double glazed units using products from the Pilkington, Saint-Gobain or Guardian glass range. We use the same high specification glass in our aluminium, uPVC and timber frames.

Obscure and Leaded Glazing

For our entire range of uPVC, timber and aluminium products, we offer a variety of obscure glass patterns for windows and doors.  All our patterned glass is designed to provide privacy as well as provide a decorative glass option for your home.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is the installation of additional slimline windows on the inside of your home behind your existing windows.

Solar Control Glazing

Solar control glass provides an option for regulating the internal temperature, protecting furnishings and fabrics and even reducing the use of air-conditioning.

Triple Glazing

The most significant advantage of triple glazing is improved energy efficiency and comfort in the home. Triple glazing also offers other benefits such as improved sound insulation, therefore ideal for properties on main roads or generally subject to increased noise.

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