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Repair Works

While all our latest generation windows are designed for low maintenance and long service life, they also do need routine care like any quality product. So whether you have old windows or more recent products, it makes sense to talk to us about our Maintenance Service and After-Care.

Maintenance Service and After-Care

Windows and doors, old and new, need regular maintenance to ensure ongoing functionality and performance. Style Windows are unique, by employing a dedicated Service Department to address issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Robert Piechota heads our service department. Robert and his team can undertake works such as:

Service Contracts

Window and door replacements can become a costly exercise for landlords and homeowners. With proper maintenance windows and doors lifetime can be extended significantly as it is generally the moving parts that fail first.

Style Windows offer service contracts for landlords, management companies and homeowners where we will attend your property(s) on an annual basis and carry out a full service of all the windows and doors in the property.

These works will typically include cleaning and lubricating all locks and hinges, repairing/identifying any faulty hinges, handle or mechanisms, checking and realigning all doors, detecting any broken seals and misted double glazed units.

Parts Department

If you are looking for replacement window handles, hinges, locking mechanisms or restrictors then we stock a vast selection at our stores in St Peters. We are open to both trade customers and homeowners, who require these products.

In some cases you may find it difficult to locate old ironmongery but we have access to some of the discontinued ranges of UPVC hardware and can get our experienced service engineer to suggest a suitable replacement.


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