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We hold a truly diverse portfolio of innovative product solutions, featuring our primary partner Steelcase brands and other select manufacturers. With these partnerships we can make the connection seamless between your workplace and your business goals. We stand ready to tackle the toughest workplace challenges with a portfolio that can answer any brief and meet performance, environmental and budgetary requirements.

Collaboration Space

According to a study by Steelcase, companies with collaborative workspaces that support teamwork and the generation of better ideas, are likely to be top performers.

Leading organisations are taking steps now to welcome a significant increase in hybrid collaboration among a blend of co-located and remote participants, using diverse technology and high-performing, adaptable spaces. We can help you blend the digital and physical to support in-person and remote collaboration with a focus on flexible space supporting a range of postures.

Social Space

Social spaces are places for informal meetings, for studying, for impromptu discussion and off-chance encounters as well as for rejuvenation and relaxation. Rather than functioning just as a traditional office café, these spaces can be multi-use connecting people with colleagues, their work and their culture.

The aim is to create a space that can be used throughout the day with relaxed, informal settings where staff can communicate more casually.

Private Space

Within open plan spaces, there must be a balance between shared, collaborative areas with easily accessible personal or small team private spaces that offer uninterrupted concentration, creating a focus point within a busy space. Pods aid productivity for focus work or act as a touchdown point for between-meeting time or for informal conversations.

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can be fitted with integrated power, task lighting and clad in acoustic materials for both visual and acoustic privacy.

Meeting Rooms

Whilst some collaboration spaces don’t always need four walls and a door, some do. Balanced against open collaboration are cellular meeting rooms to provide a setting for quiet, focused project work, formal, planned meetings or for private settings.

Choose from flexible furniture integrated with various technology solutions designed to aid information sharing, video conferencing and management of space booking.

Train & Learn

Learning spaces for businesses or for educational establishments need to be effective environments that encourage participation and deliver a better learning experience, for trainees, students and educators.

Whether training rooms, classrooms or the spaces in between, learning spaces need to blend collaborative technology and learning tools within flexible settings that support engagement and wellbeing. We have a full selection of flexible and smart training products that support active learning.


Storage supports users wherever work happens but inefficient storage can take up a lot of space. It needs to be used to structure and optimise space, supporting work processes and company culture. With intelligent storage design it is possible to have a meaningful effect on the character of an office.

We have a solution for all your storage needs from personal lockers and wardrobes to mobile and modular storage units you can easily reconfigure, wall storage or space dividing storage, high density storage and plenty more options in between.

Reception & Lounge

We all know the adage first impressions count. The reception area of your workspace can be all about making an impact and reflecting your brand and values. More than just a waiting area, this can be a multifunctional space that can be used in different ways by multiple users.

Lounge seating is now available in an eclectic mix of styles from soft home interior inspired shapes and fabrics to striking impactful seating configurations and finishes. We have a wide portfolio of styles to consider for your reception and breakout spaces throughout your office.


At Style Office we are well aware that one size of desk or bench will not fit for all types of work and user. Our desks are designed to meet changing needs and the different tasks we are performing.

Our solutions can be static or height adjustable, can support collaboration or provide a setting for focus work and privacy.


Good seating matters. All the chairs that we recommend are hardworking taskchairs, designed to handle long hours of serious sitting.

Our portfolio of seating combines innovation, superior quality and craftsmanship – reflected in designs that are inspiring, comfortable and sustainable.


Accessories can also be essentials, encompassing computer support, monitor arms, power and cable management. Then there is lighting, screens, rugs to personalise space and planters and planting to help create a more natural environment. Meeting and training tools too – with whiteboards, presentation stands, lecterns and catering accessories. If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space at your premises we can also offer outdoor furniture.

It is quite a list but easy to access with Style Office, providing the finishing touches to your workplace.

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